SPG would have been responsible for the security of the Prime Minister


NSG commandos and sharp shooters are also in the circle; Learn the complete protocol

The security of the Prime Minister of India is very tight and surrounded by many circles. Its main responsibility lies on the SPG. Cooperation with other agencies. These include NSG commandos, local police, paramilitary contingents and central and state intelligence agencies. The SPG (Special Protection Group) is responsible for providing 24-hour security to the Prime Minister of India.

Training according to the guidelines of the US Secret Service

Wherever the Prime Minister goes, SPG precision shooters are stationed at every step. These shooters are capable of killing the terrorists within a second. These soldiers are given training according to the guidelines of the Secret Service of America. SPG personnel have modern weapons like MNF-2000 assault rifle, automatic gun and 17M revolver.

Police also have a role

Apart from the SPG, the police also plays an important role in the security of the Prime Minister. Thousands of police personnel are deployed round the clock. The head of the SPG himself is present in the local programs of the Prime Minister. If the chief is absent for any reason, the security arrangements are managed by an officer of higher rank. When the Prime Minister comes out of his residence to attend the meeting, the one-way traffic of the entire route is closed for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, two police vehicles patrol the route by sounding sirens. This is done to ensure that the route through which the Prime Minister will pass is completely unobstructed.

PM is surrounded by NSG commandos

The Prime Minister’s convoy consists of over a dozen vehicles along with 2 armored BMW 7 Series sedans, 6 BMW X5s and a Mercedes Benz ambulance. Apart from these, a Tata Safari Jammer also accompanies the convoy. There are vehicles of police security personnel just in front and behind the Prime Minister’s convoy. There are two more vehicles on the left and right side and in the middle is the bulletproof vehicle of the Prime Minister.

Dummy car also part of convoy

To mislead the attackers, the convoy consists of two dummy cars identical to the prime minister’s vehicle. There are several antennae on top of the jammer vehicle. These antennas are capable of defuse bombs placed on either side of the road at a distance of 100 meters. All these cars are occupied by precision shooters of NSG. This means that the Prime Minister is accompanied by a team of about 100 people for security purposes. Even when the Prime Minister walks, he is surrounded by NSG commandos in uniform as well as in civil dress.

What is Route Protocol?


– Always have at least two routes fixed

– No one knows about the route before

– SPG decides the route at the last minute

– SPG route can be changed at any time

There is coordination between the SPG and the state police.

Route clearance is sought from the state police

– The entire route is pre-cleaned